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Xiben brand has reached strategic cooperation with the Training Bureau of the State Administration of sports

Release time:2021-11-30 source:Guangdong xibenda Health Technology Co., Ltd

On the morning of September 12, 2018, the signing ceremony of the cooperation between the Training Bureau of the General Administration of sports and Xiben sports war preparedness was held in Beijing Gymnasium. The signing ceremony took "Xiyue and running all over the world" as the theme, which not only included the best wishes of both partners for the excellent results of the national team in preparing for the Olympic Games, but also implied the name of "Xiben", This shows that the Training Bureau of the State General Administration of sports has affirmed and attached importance to Xiben professional sports insole series products.
LV tiehang, deputy director of the Training Bureau of the State General Administration of sports, Olympic champions Wang Liping, Li xuerui and Tang Xiao, chairman of Xiben sports, attended the signing ceremony. The leaders of the Training Bureau issued the sponsor certificate of sports and Training Bureau to Xiben sporting goods Co., Ltd., and Olympic champions Wang Liping and Li xuerui issued the national team athlete preparation guarantee product certificate of sports and Training Bureau to Xiben sports.
Tang Xiao, chairman of Xiben sports, said that Xiben sports has been committed to customizing professional sports insoles for international top athletes, providing protection and assistance in competition and training for top athletes through advanced technology and ideas, and trying its best to help athletes improve their sports skills without worry. President Tang hopes to transfer this concept to China and provide Xiben to domestic excellent athletes. Being able to become a provider of national team athletes' preparation support products of the Training Bureau of the State Sports Administration is the greatest affirmation and honor for Xiben. Each product of hapenss will provide professional sports protection for national team athletes on behalf of Xiben. In the future, Xiben will continue to provide preparation support products for national team sports mobilization and professional sports support for national fitness.
The national team athletes also experienced the use of the hi Ben professional earthquake protection joint and the anti injury sports insole. Wang Liping said that after using the running shoes, the leg pulling was very awesome, the touch time was obviously shortened, and the burden on the knee was not brought to bear. He believed that he would surely bring himself reliable protection in daily training and competitions.
It is reported that Xiben sports, formerly known as Dongguan Shunfeng sports equipment Co., Ltd., was founded in the early 1990s. At present, it has production bases and R & D companies in Beijing, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Suzhou, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places, with a monthly production of 2 million pairs of insoles. In 2015, in order to further meet the demand for sports energy insoles in domestic and foreign markets, Xiben hapenss brand was registered to focus on the development and research of sports energy insoles, with unique functions such as chemical shock protection, sports injury prevention and sports pain reduction.
Xiben has a number of technical teams with 50 years of shoe-making experience in the international brand shoe industry, and has more than 100 patents for invention, utility model, appearance design and so on. Xiben has long focused on the scientific research and innovation in the field of shoes, insoles and other shoe materials, and has long-term and extensive close cooperation with well-known sports brands, medicine and scientific research institutions (colleges and universities) at home and abroad. It has integrated and shared the world's top scientific research data and achievements, followed the spirit of craftsman for a century, combined with environmental protection materials of modern high-tech technology, and integrated "Ergonomics", "Ergonomics" "Kinematics", "pathology" and other cutting-edge technologies are applied to the R & D and practice of functional insole products. In addition to the world's most advanced shoe mold and insole production equipment, Xiben also has the most investment in technology in the industry, so as to ensure that Xiben's sports energy insole technology is always in a leading position in the world.
In terms of materials, in addition to the unique natural plant fiber of Xiben, high-tech materials such as German BASF foam, American Bolong Chemical Shock film and Japanese nano bamboo charcoal fiber are used to ensure the balance of air permeability and dryness, chemical shock and compression resistance and skid prevention of insoles. Xiben sports insole series products include professional running insoles, professional basketball / volleyball insoles, professional football insoles Badminton / tennis professional insoles, cycling professional insoles, racing professional insoles, golf professional insoles, sports cooling professional insoles and other categories can meet the various needs of different athletes of the national team.

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